Aphria adds high-potency cannabis oils to its Good Supply and Solei brands

Aphria adds high-potency cannabis oils to its Good Supply and Solei brands

The cannabis company continues to innovate and enter new markets with novel products

Aphria is well aware of the growing demand for high-quality cannabis products and never stops innovating to introduce options that will appeal to specific tastes. The latest example of this comes from the inclusion of new high-potency cannabis oils into its product lines. Aphria’s Good Supply is adding the oils for the first time, while its Solei brand is expanding to offer new options.

Good Supply now offers “THC 30:0,” a cannabis oil with a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is a distillate-based oil that has been rolled out to select Good Supply markets, offering 30mg of THC per gram, the maximum allowed by law. It is a high-potency option, but without the strong aftertaste typically associated with products of this type.

Solei introduced cannabis oils last year, offering products made with cannabidiol (CBD). Now, it is expanding its distillate-based product line with the inclusion of Solei Plus+, a new high-potency oil that is made from sun-grown cannabis. It is diluted into certified MCT oil, resulting in a smoke-free option with three times the CBD content of the brand’s other oils. It comes in two types, Balance, which contains 15mg each of CBD and THC, and Free, with 30mg of CBD and 1mg of THC.

“At Aphria Inc. we understand the importance of offering consumers flexibility when it comes to consumption options, which is why expanding our portfolio to include high potency oils was a priority to the team,” said Irwin D. Simon, CEO at Aphria Inc. “We continue to make it our priority to provide Canadians with the highest quality cannabis and the addition to high potency oils is no exception.”

High potency oils are at the top of the category. Nine out of the top ten bottled oils sold, according to data provided by Headset, are high potency oils in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. In order to respond to this demand, Solei and Good Supply’s new oils offer convenient and versatile options to consumers that are distillate-based and which offer a virtually odorless and tasteless experience.

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