Aphria adds topical cannabis products to its Solei brand

Aphria adds topical cannabis products to its Solei brand

The cannabis company expands its lineup to meet a growing consumer demand

Aphria is already at the top of the list in the cannabis industry and it continues to show why it deserves to be there. Being able to quickly respond to consumer demand is fundamental to success, with the most productive companies maintaining their fingers on the pulse of what their customers are looking for in new products. Aphria has done a good job answering the call of consumers and announced this week that it has now added a new line of topicals to its Solei adult-use cannabis brand.

Solei was already an award-winning brand before Aphria expanded its lineup, and the new additions, available to the Canadian market, are certain to have a positive impact on Solei’s placement in the market. The topicals are now available alongside many other formats the company has already introduced, such as whole dried flower, pre-rolls, oral sprays, soft gels, vapes and smoke-free oils. With the new lineup, Solei becomes the first in Aphria’s collection of brands to offer topicals.

The new Solei topicals are available in four options, Balance (Orange Citrus), Free (Cucumber Mint), Free Unscented and Unplug (Lavender). All follow Aphria’s strict policies for formula creation and are the highest potency topicals available on the Canadian market. They contain 500mg of cannabinoid per container and offer a more soothing texture compared to non-cannabis-infused topicals on the market.

Irwin D. Simon, Chairman and CEO of Aphria, said in a statement, “Adding topicals to our Solei brand product line up is a natural expansion, and an exciting format offering for Aphria. Topicals are one, if not the most, accessible cannabis format available today, making it appealing to a large segment of consumers. We are listening to the needs of our consumers. The team worked hard to create a cream with a range of premium scents, providing a compelling and relevant product for consumers.”

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