Aphria continues to expand international reach

Aphria continues to expand international reach

Aphria-branded medical cannabis products are getting more attention in Germany

Aphria is steadily expanding its global reach, forming new alliances and partnerships that will allow it to be one of the leading cannabis brands in the world. It already has several key relationships in Europe, including an established presence in Germany. Now, the company’s wholly-owned German subsidy, CC Pharma GmbH, is expanding its reach in the country through a new partnership with AMP German Cannabis Group.

The new agreement will see Aphria-branded medical cannabis products gain a stronger foothold in the German market. CC Pharma, which was founded in 1999 in Densborn, Germany, and AMP will collaborate to offer sales and marketing activity for the products, with AMP also organizing information events in the country to target doctors and pharmacists, with the assistance of CC. The partnership is reportedly already in place and Aphria will now begin to see its brand take a more prominent place in the German market. CC Pharma has become one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical products to pharmacists across Germany and has more than 13,000 pharmacies in its network.

Hendrik Knopp, Managing Director of Aphria Germany GmbH, said in a statement released today, “We are proud to launch our high-quality medical cannabis under the Aphria brand in Germany with the support of AMP. This agreement provides the opportunity to expand the Aphria brand in Germany, one of our key international markets.”

AMP’s director and president, Dr. Stefan Feurerstein, is just as excited, explaining, “We are proud to partner with Aphria and CC Pharma GmbH. Our sole focus is to sell medical cannabis in Germany, which makes us an ideal partner to co-promote and sell the Aphria brand. In preparation for this partnership, we have significantly expanded our sales team to sell the Aphria and AMP brands as well as other branded medical cannabis products across Germany.”