Aphria investors stand to receive huge dividends from the company’s performance

Aphria investors stand to receive huge dividends from the company’s performance

Now might be a good time to take a look at Aphria as its production operations flourish

Most cannabis companies are still hovering around their lower values, although that doesn’t mean that they are not a good investment opportunity. Several cannabis companies are seeing significant jumps related to ongoing situations, such as the coronavirus outbreak, and one of those companies is Aphria Inc. It is currently enjoying increased demands from customers who are on lockdown or self-quarantine. The stock is currently trading near its lowest at $2.36, but it has good momentum in which its stock value is soaring, leading to potentially huge dividends for investors.

Today alone, Aphria stock soared an impressive 11% in the market, although its IBD rating is still weak. For the last month, the stock has witnessed overall gains, and for the last five days, it has increased over 7.76%. Aphria Inc. was down 54.79% of its year-to-date high trading, the lowest price was reported at $1.95. The last report of that same 52-week trading range had Aphria stock closing at around $2.13 – that day reported a 0.23% gain.

Based on an analysis from Christopher Carey from Bank of America, Aphria is in a good position regarding cash flow with at least 53% of its total market value. Some of the past quarters presented by Aphria had shown positive EBITDA ratings, although it was more attributed to some adjustments made in accounting. Despite that, Aphria seems to be showing shot glimpses of profitability in recent times, which is something investors consider carefully before putting money on any company.

Aphria has a current market value of $630.44 million and a total of 620 employees. It is one of the leaders in the medical cannabis market, with several products offered across Canada. It has a 100% green facility that feeds from sunlight to ensure patients get products that are clean, safe and that contain pure medical cannabis.