Aphria-linked Broken Coast is now into cannabis concentrates as it introduces new product line

Aphria-linked Broken Coast is now into cannabis concentrates as it introduces new product line

Broken Coast expands its portfolio by introducing high-THC Wax made from premium BC Flower

A cannabis company with close ties to Aphria is expanding its product line. Aphria, which focuses on cannabis-lifestyle consumer packaged goods, announced that Broken Coast Cannabis is now going to be involved in the cannabis concentrates category as it introduces the Wax brand to its lineup. Wax products have a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and include three new strains.

Wax is made from premium cannabis flower produced by Broken Coast and the product line will be included in the company’s award-winning portfolio of Canadian cultivars. The wax, which contains 70% or more THC, provides a “clear expression of each cultivar’s profile,” according to a press release, and is available in Stargazer, Muskmelon OG and Up In The Sky strains. The products are created using hydrocarbon extraction in order to achieve the desired levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a “rich and complex aroma” in the product.

“We’re really excited to see our cannabis made into wax. The quality and unique terpene profile of each strain really shine through! I think people are going to really enjoy experiencing their favorite strains in a concentrated form,” said Kevin Anderson, Broken Coast’s Head Grower. “It is thrilling to provide our consumers a variety of consumption options that are in line with Broken Coast’s quality.”

Wax is available in single 1-gram units. The products are already available online and through select retailers across Canada and, over the next few months, will be seen in more markets throughout the country, except for Quebec. Quebec is off-limits because products can only be legally purchased through the province’s Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC). The SQDC operates all of the online and retail shops serving the cannabis market in the province.

Broken Coast has made several key advances over the past six months. It launched 510 Vapes in November of last year as part of Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 movement and followed that with the launch of Pipe Dream in December. Pipe Dream offers a “very dense and round bud structure thickly covered with bright trichomes” and the “lime green and purple flower also have a touch of fruitiness within its spicy and pungent profile,” according to the company.