Aurora Cannabis brand wins KIND Magazine’s ‘Best Diamonds of the Year’ Award

Aurora Cannabis brand wins KIND Magazine’s ‘Best Diamonds of the Year’ Award

Greybeard Cannabis receives accolades for its consumer products

After going through a voting process involving store managers, hundreds of budtenders, independent cannabis retail owners across Canada, KIND magazine determined that Greybeard Cannabis, an Aurora Cannabis brand is deserving of the “Best Diamonds of the Year” award. The Canadian company that defines the future of cannabinoids worldwide continues to prove that its brands are extremely prestigious and that they work day and night to bring the best quality to its customer base.

In addition to its renowned vaporizers and premium cannabis, Greybeard has made its way into the marketplace with its famous concertina, including Trufflez Diamonds & Sauce and FPOG Live Resin Diamonds & Sauce. Aurora acquired Thrive Cannabis in early 2022, at which time the Greybeard brand became the operator’s property. The Aurora team has worked closely with the brand to maintain its quality, so much so that it earned the brand a special award.

“We’re proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential members of the cannabis industry – retailers and budtenders,” says Geoff Hoover, Senior Vice President of Consumer at Aurora Cannabis. “This award is a testament to our continued commitment to quality and our team’s unwavering focus and passion for delivering only the best products for our consumers.”

Amid this joy, the company also announced last week that it has repurchased a total principal amount of approximately $76.1 million of its convertible senior notes at a total cost (including accrued interest) of $73.8 million in cash. Once the transaction is completed, the company will have just under $150 million of Notes outstanding.

The company expects that through this move, it will be able to reduce its debt and annual cash interest costs. Strategies such as these demonstrate why Aurora’s balance sheet remains among the strongest in the industry.