Aurora Cannabis completes shipment of cannabis to Israel

Aurora Cannabis completes shipment of cannabis to Israel

Israel receive a cannabis shipment from Aurora worth more than $6 million

It is known that sometimes successfully completing a shipment can be no easy task, especially when it comes to mass delivery. However, it seems that Aurora Cannabis Inc, the company in charge of revolutionizing the future of cannabinoids worldwide, did not have any problems with its shipment. According to an announcement from today, the delivery of a cannabis shipment valued at about $6.35 million was successfully received by Israel. To date, this has been one of the largest single shipments of cannabis ever seen in the history of the industry, at least legally.

By concluding this transaction, Aurora Cannabis can definitely be credited with taking a huge step forward in the international medical cannabis business, which has been made clear is a key strategic priority for Aurora to continue to be recognized as a global cannabis company. Currently, it can be considered the top company in all of Canada and Europe, and this has put it in a unique position to even be part of the exclusive partners of a country like Israel. In this region, legalization is expected to continue to advance, and therefore, it is a great potential for Aurora to continue to do business with.

“We are excited about the evolution of the cannabis industry in Israel and commend the Ministry of Health and the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency for ensuring careful regulation of cannabis, in the best interest of Israeli cannabis patients,” said Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora. “We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality cannabis to Israel, as part of our strategy to expand our medical cannabis portfolio in key international markets.”

Thanks to the agreement between Aurora with Cantek Global Ltd., one of Israel’s leading strategic supply based in the field of medical cannabis, it is expected that a minimum of 4,000 kg of dry bulk flowers will be supplied annually to the “Holy Land.”

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