Aurora Cannabis expands relationship with EnWave

Aurora Cannabis expands relationship with EnWave

The agreement will see Aurora receive more of EnWave’s drying machines

At the end of April, Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) and EnWave Corporation announced that Aurora would begin using EnWave’s patented cannabis drying technology, which is available in its 120kW Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) machine. Aurora has apparently been impressed with the device’s performance so far, because EnWave has issued a follow-up announcement, stating that the two enterprises are extending their relationship and that Aurora will be purchasing additional equipment.

According to the announcement, Aurora wants a third REV machine for Aurora Nordic Cannabis, the company’s operations in Denmark. Aurora Nordic is building a pharmaceutical-level GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility, which is going to be upgraded to facilitate the installation of the machine.

EnWave says of its REV technology, “EnWave’s patented REV technology is a rapid, low temperature, continuous drying method that maintains optimal terpene levels, flavour, as well as other product attributes during the drying process. The company’s vacuum-microwave technology enables fast, uniform drying with flexible final moisture content; capabilities that are unattainable with freeze drying or air drying.”

Rev is designed to be the latest in dehydration and EnWave expects it to become the standard in the food and biological material sectors. It asserts that it allows for faster, less expensive drying than offered through freeze-drying and results in better quality of the end product than what is possible through spray or air drying. EnWave offers three different Rev platforms, nutraREV for the food industry, powderREV for bulk dehydration of food cultures and probiotics, and quantaREV for continuous drying of bulk supplies at low temperatures.

EnWave adds of its innovative products, “EnWave’s REV technology reduces drying time from 5-7 days to less than two hours, resulting in significant working capital savings and speed to market of product. The technology has certain additional benefits, including the support of industrial-scale flow-through, accelerating the ability for large-scale processing of cannabis and CBD-rich biomass into intermediate or finished product.”