Aurora Cannabis introduces new GMP cannabis extracts in Europe

Aurora Cannabis introduces new GMP cannabis extracts in Europe

Aurora Cannabis continues to expand its global cannabis reach

Pioneer and global leader in the medical cannabis industry Aurora Cannabis has announced the launch of new GMP extracts from the European Union in an effort to expand the range of therapy for cannabis patients in the region. The three new extracts have become available this month and will be produced at Aurora Nordic in Odense, Denmark.

According to the announcement, these extracts come with a terpene profile with a pleasant taste. The cannabinoids, when combined with the terpenes, result in an effective way to obtain the therapeutic effect of marijuana. Aurora Nordic has focused on developing a new extraction process in an effort to ensure that the terpene profile included in the products is at a consistently high level.

This extraction process focuses primarily on identical flower varieties resulting in reliable concentrations of active ingredients, which ensures that a tolerable and safe treatment is obtained. These new extracts are important in expanding the range of possible treatment options for patients throughout the UK.

The UK medical cannabis market welcomed Aurora in 2019, months after legalization became a fact. While medical cannabis patients benefit from the market, widespread accessibility still faces some bumps in the road.

“We continue to strive for accessibility for all patients that have been prescribed medical cannabis and advocate for reimbursement and affordability through NHS funding,” stated Trisha Cassidy, Managing Director, Aurora UK & Ireland. “We are dedicated to helping improve access to medical education for healthcare professionals and are happy to share our medicinal cannabis knowledge and expertise.”

Aurora is known for passionately advocating for patient access to medical cannabis, and that is why it continues to make these moves to become an aid in achieving that goal. Aurora is committed to these patients and will continue its dedicated work in the UK,” added Cassidy.