Aurora Cannabis introduces new partnership with The Valens Company

Aurora Cannabis introduces new partnership with The Valens Company

The new agreement will lead to new products for cannabis consumers

The Canadian company defining the future of cannabinoids worldwide, Aurora Cannabis, announced last week that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with The Valens Company, a leading manufacturer of cannabis products. The intent of this joining of forces is to manufacture a new seasonal offering in the mint category. As the holiday season approaches, many brands are looking to please their consumers with new flavors and Aurora did not want to sit idly by.

Represented under Aurora’s flagship adult recreational brand name, Drift Turbo, the new Canna Cane Mints are a two-piece candy formulated with 10 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or 5mg per piece consumed. While this is the first offering to be launched as a result of the manufacturing agreement, it is expected to expand in the coming months so that plant enthusiasts can get their hands on more innovative products.

“We know that Canadian cannabis consumers are looking for novelty and variety, and seasonal offerings are a key approach to strategically expanding our portfolio of adult-use products,” said Miguel Martin, Aurora Cannabis CEO. “Valens’ exceptional manufacturing capabilities complement our product line up this upcoming holiday season. Our strategic relationship is designed to unlock efficiencies as we seek to bring innovation to market with speed and differentiation that connects with consumers.”

It has been announced that Valens’ SōRSE emulsion technology will be used to manufacture these new edibles. This patented in-house emulsion technology has been the talk of the town as it is capable of transforming cannabis oils into water-soluble forms for easier infusion of liquids, foods, and topicals without necessarily imbuing the taste or smell of cannabis. “We have admired Aurora for their leadership and continuing to elevate and challenge industry standards. Our companies share the same ethos when it comes to bringing the highest quality products to market and offering a premium experience to consumers,” added The Valens CEO and co-founder Tyler Robinson.