Aurora Cannabis introduces new product offerings

Aurora Cannabis introduces new product offerings

The cannabis company is adding three new cultivars to its San Rafael ’71 brand

Aurora Cannabis continues to innovate in the cannabis space, bringing new products to the front lines that provide unique solutions. The latest additions come via the company’s San Rafael ’71 brand, which will now have three new proprietary cultivars added to it. The new cultivars have been named Stonefruit Sunset, Lemon Rocket and Driftwood Diesel.

These cultivars are a direct result of Aurora’s dedicated research and development efforts at Aurora Coast, its primary research facility. It focuses on selective cannabis breeding and the new products are the first recreational-use flower alternatives Aurora has developed from the facility. The three cultivars are dried flower products that are hung dried and hand-bottled, and come with a humidity pack to ensure freshness.

“Using insights from consumers and patients, our cultivation and breeding team at Aurora Coast developed and screened over 7,000 individual plant genetics to find these three elite cultivars, bred from the most in-demand genetic families – Cake, Fuel, Gelato, and GMO,” John McEachern, Senior Director, Brand Marketing at Aurora Cannabis asserts.

Stonefruit Sunset is a hybrid developed from Aurora’s Fuel and Gelato cultivars. It contains 19-25% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and has an aroma that combines sherbet, berries and gas thanks to the Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene it contains. Lemon Rocket is a cross between Fuel and Cake, offering 20% THC and a “very pungent aroma of gas” combined with a hint of lemon from the same terpenes, but in a different combination. Driftwood Diesel is an indica strain that combines GMO and Fuel cultivars that offers 21-27% THC and an aroma that smells like “chem and sour taste with earthy, nutty and musky notes,” according to the company.

McEachern adds, “Our focus was to develop new and differentiated products with high potency levels and terpene content that satisfy consumers’ unique and sophisticated needs. We are excited to meet these consumer needs through the new lineup of San Rafael ’71 strains. Our robust genetics library is well poised to continue delivering new and differentiated product offerings across our brands.”