Aurora Cannabis ready to take off with Cannabis 2.0

Aurora Cannabis ready to take off with Cannabis 2.0

The launch of cannabis edibles in Canada is sweet music to the company’s ears

December 16 marked an important time in the history of cannabis. It was the day that Cannabis 2.0 began, a day that allows for the legal distribution and sale of cannabis derivatives in the country. With things like edibles and beverages, as well as other products, now able to make their way to store shelves, Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) is capitalizing on the new market and driving itself further into the lead among the top cannabis companies.

As soon as the clock rolled around to 12:01 AM on Monday, the minute it was legal to do so, Aurora started shipping a “diverse” range of products across the country. Explains the company’s senior director of brand, Michelle Tafler, “We are confident our new products will be among the first to market. This is an exciting milestone for our industry. We’re proud that we are able to offer such a range of products across the country right out of the gate, including gummies, vapes, cookies, chocolates and mints.”

Trucks are heading out in all directions from Aurora’s facility in Edmonton and products will start appearing on store shelves as soon as they’re inventoried and priced. In those provinces where regulators are still grappling with guidelines for cannabis derivatives, it might take a little longer to see widespread distribution.

Among the products that are going to be seen are cannabis-infused Soft Baked Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Caramel Half Spheres and fruit-flavored gummies. If consumers need to freshen their breath afterwards, they can also grab a pack of Aurora’s Peppermint Chillers.

Adds Tafler, “Our intention is to create a variety of choices for consumers. Aurora is inviting everyone to learn about cannabis in a way that is right for them. In 2020, we will continue to bring other innovative products to market. The next wave will include PAX vapes followed by concentrates like resin, shatter and sugar wax. This is just the beginning.”