Aurora Cannabis ready to take the retail cannabis markets by storm

Aurora Cannabis ready to take the retail cannabis markets by storm

Heading into the final lap of the year, the cannabis company is preparing a wide distribution of products

Both the recreational and medical cannabis markets will see unprecedented product launches in the fall. Aurora Cannabis will be in charge of bringing new surprises to all its consumers in different parts of the country. The Canadian company that defines the future of cannabinoids around the world recently announced a new line of cannabis products never seen before for the last stage of the year.

According to the announcement, the unprecedented new floral products include three unique and proprietary strains from Aurora’s esteemed breeding program. Consumers will be able to enjoy Electric Honeydew, Ultra Grape Kush and Organic BC White Grape OG.

Lana Culley, VP of Product Development for Aurora Cannabis, says she and the team are excited to introduce a variety of new products. She assures that they were all developed by a team of experts who are aware of the needs and interests of patients and consumers.

“This extensive lineup of flower innovation was made possible from Aurora’s differentiated consumer preference mapping, which uniquely plots evolving cannabis preferences, and the leading work of R&D to develop a portfolio of products with the critical components necessary to compete – intense and exciting aromas, key visual and tactile attributes, and high-potency THC,” she added.

Considered best-in-class, Aurora’s breeding program is backed by extensive consumer research and development. The company says it continues to focus on expanding its high-end product offering and this latest release is a clear example of that. Aurora has marketed 12 original cultivars under its various consumer brands and expects that number to grow much higher as time goes on.

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