Aurora Cannabis to launch cannabis shop today

Aurora Cannabis to launch cannabis shop today

The new store Will be at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada

Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) has announced that it is opening its flagship cannabis store today. The facility is being billed as the “largest cannabis retail and experience store” in the largest shopping mall in North America.

The shop measures 11,000 square feet and is located at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. The space is divided into two parts – one for a cannabis and related paraphernalia shop and the other for a cannabis retail “experience” center. The experience center includes seating areas where products are displayed and available for sampling, and is expected to be a huge hit with cannabis consumers.

Aurora’s VP of retail and consumer strategy, Zamina Walji, said in a statement about the store’s launch, “My vision is that first of all customers are completely blown away, this is not what they expected. That they feel that it’s an inviting environment where they can ask any questions that they want, that they feel like they have the time to spend in the store, that they’re not rushed to the journey of the actual transaction.”

Cannabis and cannabis consumption products aren’t the only ones being offered. The store will also sale things like natural soaps, Aurora clothing, puzzles, color-changing umbrellas and other accessories. It will also play host to community events designed to increase awareness of cannabis while, at the same time, developing a sense of cohesion among area residents.

Walji adds, “Community engagement is one of our key values at Aurora. As one of the largest licensed producers in Canada we want to do our part in converting the black market as well as educating cannabis consumers as well as de-stigmatizing this industry. We, as a licensed producer, take our social responsibility very seriously and we’ve put in place a lot of measures to ensure that consumers feel like we’re doing our part.”