Aurora Cannabis wants outdoor grows for good reason

Aurora Cannabis wants outdoor grows for good reason

New outdoor grow facilities are coming to British Columbia and Quebec

There are a lot of advantages to indoor cannabis grow facilities, such as the ability to create the ideal conditions for cultivation that can be maintained year-round. Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) has had a policy of wanting to stick with indoor grows, but recently set out to expand its operations to include outdoor facilities, as well. While the move may seem like a step backward, the leading cannabis company has good reason for wanting to consider diversification.

Aurora was recently given approval to cultivate cannabis at two new sites, one in British Columbia, Aurora Valley, and the other in Quebec, Aurora Eau. Aurora Valley covers 207 acres, while Aurora Eau spans just 21,000 square feet. Both will have their separate and distinct advantages.

The first harvests are expected to come sometime later next year at Aurora Eau, with Aurora Valley following suit soon after. Terry Booth, Aurora’s CEO, has said that the company is determined to be the very best, regardless of the type of grow it operates, which is what drove the company to build “wonderful facilities that have high yield with low risk and low cost and have high quality.”

But, Aurora is looking beyond just the simple economics of cannabis cultivation. It isn’t just concerned with what its farms can do to improve the company’s bottom line. Instead, and the reason the outdoor facilities will exist, Aurora wants to advance cannabis research. The introduction of the new farms will allow Aurora to study climate conditions and other factors that might affect production, as well as help determine how potency is changing over the years.

There isn’t a lot of research that has gone into determining how growing conditions impact the potency of cannabis. This is one of the reasons the US has been reticent in updating its marijuana laws, and Aurora is stepping up to answer the call. It will help provide the information needed to help appease federal lawmakers, which is going to be beneficial to everyone involved.

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