Ayr Wellness adds entourage vape offerings to Florida’s cannabis market

Ayr Wellness adds entourage vape offerings to Florida’s cannabis market

The cannabis company furthers its stance in the Sunshine State through new products

Ayr Wellness, a leading vertically integrated multi-state US cannabis operator, seems to want to take full advantage of its huge presence in Florida. Recently, the company announced the launch of Entourage Vapes, one of its ten national brands in its Sunshine State area.

With a total of 45 Liberty Health Sciences (LHS) dispensaries, the sales, which began over the weekend, are projected to be a success in this region. This means that a large number of consumers and visitors to the state will be able to purchase this new product which is already a trend in the cannabis culture.

According to the announcement, the initial launch will bring with it a collection of three strain-specific offerings, 9lb Hammer, Grape Ape, and Tahoe OG. To begin with, the products will be released in 1 gram cartridges, with syringes expected to be included at a later date.

“Entourage’s flavorful, broad-spectrum cannabis distillate concentrates are perfect for consumers looking for an elevated vape experience, without an elevated price tag,” said Jeff Finnerty, SVP of Marketing at Ayr. “We envision Entourage providing strong options for our customers, alongside our Secret Orchard vape offerings.”

Massachusetts consumers will also have the opportunity to be a part of this new launch. Through Ayr-owned and third-party retail stores, the company will begin selling Entourage. As the year progresses, the cannabis firm hopes to expand sales of this product to other key markets where it already has an established position.

Jonathan Sandelman, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Ayr, commented, “Entourage represents the latest of our national brands to be introduced to our 45-store Florida operation. A crucial aspect of our Florida improvement plan has been to increase the variety of high-quality products available to our patients and the launch of Entourage, which follows last year’s introduction of Origyn Extracts, Secret Orchard fruit forward vapes, and Sun Gems fruit chews, brings us further toward achieving that goal.”

Florida’s medical market continues to grow at an astonishing rate, especially after the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use reported nearly 700,000 registered patients ten days ago.

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