Ayr Wellness approved for new activities at Arizona cultivation facility

Ayr Wellness approved for new activities at Arizona cultivation facility

The cannabis company is extending its national reach with new Arizona operations

The week seems to have started off with great news for Ayr Wellness, the vertically integrated cannabis company, after it was announced that it received a temporary certificate of occupancy, giving it the right to open operations at its cultivation facility in Phoenix, AZ. Being able to make use of its resources is undoubtedly a step forward in developing a positive future for the company.

Jonathan Sandelman, founder, president and CEO of Ayr Wellness, said the company continues to do whatever it takes to continue to carry out its growth projects, with this Phoenix cultivation facility being the latest plan that has been set in motion. “Our talented cultivation team has already received great reviews for the Kynd premium flower being grown in our Chandler, Arizona facility, and we look forward to scaling production with this larger space. The flower produced will supply our three Oasis dispensaries, as well as our growing wholesale business in the state,” he added.

The Miami, FL-based multi-state operator said the first crop was planted over the weekend, and the projection is to start seeing results by mid-March of next year. The idea is to be able to continue with these steady harvests in order to have large crops throughout 2022, a year that, based on this one’s experience, seems to be looking pretty good with respect to consumer demand.

It is no secret to anyone that as time goes on and more legalizations continue to occur, consumer needs will increase. With moves like these, Ayr Wellness will be one of the companies that will be able to satisfy its loyal customers all year round.

Ayr is hopeful of obtaining regulatory and local approvals for additional sections of the cultivation facility in the coming weeks. The company continues to do everything it can to always stay on the cutting edge of the industry and to be able to produce high-quality products that will satisfy the lifestyle of any consumer who chooses to give its various brands a try.

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