Ayr Wellness has clear targets in mind for its US cannabis operations

Ayr Wellness has clear targets in mind for its US cannabis operations

The cannabis MSO is digging in to take a stronger role in the market

Ayr Wellness remains blindly confident that the US will become the undisputed global marijuana powerhouse in the coming years. As a result, the company is now focusing on getting its portfolio of assets in the country up and running.

Jonathan Sandelman, president and CEO of Ayr Wellness, spoke with New Cannabis Ventures. Since then, the cannabis firm has been working around the clock to focus its efforts on optimizing and operationalizing its portfolio of assets.

The company continues to release various updates on how its progress is unfolding as its footprint continues to expand, as well as its outlook for continued growth and the new talent that has arrived on its leadership team. The company continues to make different moves to become the largest-scale, high-quality marijuana grower. To achieve that, it hopes to have the backing of its huge national portfolio of brands.

A few weeks ago, the company revealed that it began adult-use sales at its three New Jersey dispensaries. That expanded footprint has also been seen in the Massachusetts market. Before the year is out, the firm expects its Somerville location to transition from a medical-only store to recreational use.

Florida has undoubtedly become one of its key markets. Its significant presence in the Sunshine State began in ’21 when Ayr acquired Liberty Health Sciences. With more than 50 stores under its name, the company expects to add at least a dozen more before the first quarter is over. For the time being.

Ayr is especially focused on operationalizing the portfolio of assets it has. Looking ahead, Sandelman is hopeful that federal cannabis reform will become a reality. In the meantime, Ayr and the team of experts will continue to plan ahead for acceleration in 2023.