Ayr Wellness highlights the role cannabis plays in this year’s holiday period

Ayr Wellness highlights the role cannabis plays in this year’s holiday period

More Americans are incorporating cannabis into their holiday routines

America’s cannabis industry has finally been given a place at the table. A new survey by Ayr Wellness has shown that one in two Green Wednesday shoppers will gift cannabis products this year to a friend or relative, and 77% will eat cannabis with their family on Thanksgiving. Data shows that Americans are becoming more open about their cannabis consumption habits. 40% plan to eat openly with friends and family this holiday, while 37% will incorporate cannabis into their Thanksgiving dinner. It is clear that cannabis is now a family affair for Thanksgiving.

These results are part of a nationwide study by Suzy, a real-time consumer intelligence platform and Ayr Wellness. The nationally-representative study, conducted in November 2021, surveyed over 1,300 Americans on their cannabis consumption habits, beliefs and purchasing patterns tied to the holidays and Green Wednesday–the industry’s second-biggest sales day in 2020, aptly dubbed the ‘Black Friday’ of cannabis. The results show that cannabis is becoming more mainstream and can be used to manage family dynamics during holidays.

25% of Americans find the holiday season stressful when they see extended family members. 15% of American parents will use marijuana to manage holiday stress. 76% of parents who smoke cannabis use it to relieve holiday stress. 69% of cannabis users will use cannabis to relieve holiday stress.

People will be more interested in family gossip than politics, money, and religion this Thanksgiving. Jonathan Sandelman, founder, chairman and CEO of Ayr Wellness, said, “Over the past decade, cannabis has become increasingly ingrained into the fabric of American culture and tradition, with cannabis sales on Green Wednesday reaching new heights every year. At Ayr Wellness, we’re passionate about enriching lives through this powerful plant by meeting consumers wherever they are in their cannabis journey, from novice to expert. From flower to beverages, and from extracts to edibles, our new portfolio of power brands offers something for everyone.”

As new brands, formats, and technologies allow for more cannabis-inspired experiences, American cannabis buying patterns are changing. Green Market Report published data from Headset and Akerna that showed Green Wednesday cannabis sales outselling Black Friday for the first time in 2020. These upward trends are expected to continue in 2019.