Ayr Wellness hosts second “Changing Legacies” series

Ayr Wellness hosts second “Changing Legacies” series

The cannabis company is leading reform through ongoing expungement clinics

Ayr Wellness has established itself as one of the most important companies in the marijuana industry. This profile has led to the firm now becoming the host of the second annual “Changing Legacies.” The series of expungement clinics is applicable to several states across the country, a way to give people previously convicted of cannabis a new lease on life.

The leading vertically integrated, multi-state US cannabis operator announced that it will host its “Changing Legacies” initiative, a central pillar of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. The project has focused on restorative justice and helping people who have been affected in one way or another by the war on drugs.

This year’s clinics will be boosted thanks to the support of different community and non-profit organizations that Ayr has partnered with. Blaze Responsibility, Cannabis Noire, Center for Community Alternatives, Lady Jane CT and Mass CultivatED are some of the entities that have wanted to join the cause, hoping that the results will serve to help those affected find a new direction.

“Despite shifting public sentiment in favor of cannabis and an ever-evolving legislative and regulatory landscape, far too many individuals continue to face significant barriers to housing, employment, social services and more because of non-violent cannabis convictions,” said Khari Edwards, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ayr. “The goal of our ‘Changing Legacies’ program is to empower those most harmed by the War on Drugs with a fresh start.”

According to the announced schedule, the events will take place on February 25 and 26 in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. All those attending the expungement clinics will have access to legal services as well as connection to comprehensive and re-entry programs. If possible, participants may also receive some financial assistance to cover their expenses in seeking critical documentation and processing fees.