Ayr Wellness is adding HAZE concentrates to the Florida market

Ayr Wellness is adding HAZE concentrates to the Florida market

Florida’s marijuana market is heating up and Ayr Wellness wants to be at the front

Florida and Ayr Wellness have built a very close relationship over the past few years. The leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) in the US now wants to further strengthen that bond with the Sunshine State. To that end, it has announced the launch of its HAZE brand of premium live resin concentrates and vapes. The Florida market is now filled with many more options for cannabis consumers to continue to grow their love for Ayr’s brands.

Ayr recently reached a major milestone in Florida after surpassing 50 retail stores in the area. Considered a cause for celebration, the company now wants to introduce Hydrocarbon Extraction products to its branded menus. Ayr has worked around the clock to build a portfolio of brands that attracts a large number of consumers in every corner of the state. The company wants customers to have access to high-quality products and HAZE is a clear example of this.

HAZE, a premium experience at an attractive price point, is now the brand that Ayr is looking to put in the hands of Florida residents. Thanks to the production and cultivation obtained since Ayr took over the Liberty Health Sciences facility in Gainesville last year, the brand has become a favorite of many.

“Following Hurricane Ian, we are pleased that all our Florida-based employees are safe,” Jonathan Sandelman, founder and CEO of Ayr, said. “Additionally, our team on the ground in Florida did a great job preparing for the storm and securing our facilities. We also sustained no damage to our Gainesville cultivation campus, and harvests and products remain on schedule.”

HAZE’s premium vapes and live resin concentrates have been formulated with the intention of offering a fast and full sensory experience. At launch, the company said there is availability in strains such as WAP #27, Caesar, 8″ Bagel, Gorilla Glue, Mr. Nasty and Ruby Slippers.