Ayr Wellness is rolling out new retail locations in Florida

Ayr Wellness is rolling out new retail locations in Florida

The cannabis MSO continues to expand its reach across the Sunshine State

Florida and Ayr Wellness continue to have a very close relationship. The multi-state operator (MSO) has ensured that this is the case. As part of its expansion efforts in the territory, the firm announced the opening of two new retail stores, ready to serve the residents and visitors of Daytona Beach and Lake Worth. To put the icing on the cake in this latest update, the MSO also announced the expansion of LEVIA water-soluble cannabis tinctures to its retail menus in the Sunshine State.

Daytona Beach and Lake Worth are two new locations that extend the list of retail outlets to more than 50 statewide. Ayr has ensured that Florida residents have access to a wide variety of choices, no matter where they are located.

According to the latest data, Florida has a base of more than 761,000 qualified patients. Ayr has not hesitated to open its doors to each and every one of them. These latest openings are a clear example of that.

“We are excited to see the results from the progress we’ve made in Florida since acquiring Liberty Health Sciences in 2021. We’ve opened more than 20 new locations, with our store count now at 52, and have introduced several brands from our national portfolio to the market,” said Jonathan Sandelman, Founder and CEO of Ayr. “On our mission to produce the highest quality cannabis at scale, Florida has been instrumental in bringing that vision to life.”

LEVIA water-soluble marijuana tinctures are now available at Liberty Health Sciences locations. This latest addition to Ayr’s menus comes on the heels of the launch of the HAZE brand of hydrocarbon extracted concentrates, as well as the award-winning premium whole flower brand, Lost in Translation (LIT).

The hybrid Celebrate, indica Dream and Sativa Achieve are the three unique offerings presented through LEVIA tinctures. Comprised of 300 mg of THC per bottle and unparalleled bioavailability, LEVIA tinctures are water-soluble. As a result, consumers get a flexible dosage with fast action to enjoy the effects in a matter of minutes.