Ayr Wellness launches cannabis expungement clinics, Changing Legacies

Ayr Wellness launches cannabis expungement clinics, Changing Legacies

The cannabis company is helping bring social justice through new initiatives

Leading vertically integrated multi-state (MSO) cannabis operator, Ayr Wellness, has recently announced the launch of Changing Legacies. Through this initiative, it intends to create a series of record expungement clinics scheduled for next Sunday.

In order to bring this project to fruition, Ayr has joined forces with a host of nonprofit and community organizations that have long worked closely with legal reform, social justice, and criminal justice. The goal of the partners and the company through each of these clinics is to help people seeking to remove cannabis and other non-violent offenses from their records. As many know, being able to do this makes it easier for people to have a new opportunity, both personally and in the workplace.

Jonathan Sandelman, founder, president and CEO of Ayr, has said that even though cannabis legalization is a reality in much of the country, the criminal justice system still struggles with a number of problems related to the war on drugs. This, in one way or another, has disproportionately affected many communities, especially black and Latino communities.

“We believe it is critical to be part of the solution to these issues, addressing the harms of the past and creating opportunity for the future. The main objective of our Changing Legacies program is to create an ecosystem of support, partnership and hope for that better future. We thank our partnering organizations for making an event like this possible,” added Sandelman.

Many local community partners in various states across the country have teamed up with Ayr to make these outreach events possible. The events will serve as models for similar events to be held in the future. The initiative is a clear indication of the company’s ongoing commitment to righting the wrongs of the past and giving people fresh a start.

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