Ayr Wellness launches new CBD gummies line in Florida

Ayr Wellness launches new CBD gummies line in Florida

Liberty Health Sciences dispensaries are now carrying the new cannabis products

Florida continues to be a hot market for the marijuana industry and many companies are aware of it. Ayr Wellness Inc. doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the needs of consumers in the Sunshine State. It recently announced the launch of its THC-infused Sun Gems gummies statewide. It’s certainly one more way to give its loyal fans and customers another reason to be happy.

The company’s Liberty Health Sciences (LHS) dispensaries have begun to have a large presence throughout the state, which is why the THC-infused Sun Gems will be placed on their shelves. Ayr currently operates and owns a total of 42 dispensaries in the state, which means that many consumers throughout Florida will have the opportunity to purchase this new product.

A related source indicated that the new Sun Gems will initially be launched in Watermelon flavor; however, it will not be long before Blue Raspberry gummies are included in the line. This launch of gummies in LHS dispensaries translates into the second gummies to be sold in Florida. The first was Big Pete’s Cookies, which was launched in the middle of this year. Its acceptance has been a success, and many consumers say these products have far exceeded their expectations.

Jon Sandelman, founder, president and CEO of Ayr Wellness, spoke about the latest development. He said the group has been working for years to invest much of its money, time, talent and resources in building brands from the ground up. In addition, Sandelman said that the creation of all these brands is a priceless reflection of the values espoused by the group. Through Sun Gems, the company aims to offer customers and patients the opportunity to experience flavorful products grown by experienced growers and master extractors. Much of the attention attracted by consumers is that Ayr’s products are recognized for their high quality and are quite affordable.

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