Ayr Wellness launches new products in Massachusetts and Ohio

Ayr Wellness launches new products in Massachusetts and Ohio

The cannabis MSO can’t go a week without announcing some type of expansion

Residents of Ohio and Massachusetts will now have the opportunity to enjoy a much more extensive portfolio of Ayr Wellness products. The well-known multi-state cannabis operator (MSO), a leader in many locations across the country, recently announced that the Massachusetts markets will experience an expanded portfolio with the addition of its premium flower brand, Kynd. Ohio, meanwhile, will not be far behind in this great news as dispensaries begin to stock even more shelves following the launch of Entourage vaporizers.

Having started last April 29, sales of Kynd seem to be pretty hot and the firm expects demand to grow even more as time progresses. It should be noted that consumers will only be able to find the product at Sira Naturals dispensaries.

Each unique strain included in the initial launch (Fresh Squeezed, Mr. Nasty, and Orangutan Zkittlez) is brand new to Ayr’s offerings in the Bay State market and features a premium genetic profile. It is expected that in the near future, these delicious products will also reach third-party dispensaries and the broader adult-use market.

In addition, sales of Entourage vaporizers began yesterday in the Buckeye State market. The six offerings that have been included are Blue Dream, Champagne Kush, Jack Herer, Skywalker OG, OG 1 Kenobi, and Yoda’s Alien Cookies. Ohio medical patients have the ability to purchase the initial drop at 28 dispensaries across the state.

“With Kynd, we have invested in building a cutting-edge genetic library, which allows us to produce innovative strains that are backed by the quality of the plants that we grow,” said the firm’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Sandelman. “Entourage is crafted by extraction experts who use proprietary techniques to emphasize rich, unique terpenes for an elevated vape experience. We look forward to continuing to build both brands in Massachusetts, Ohio, and throughout the rest of our footprint.”