Ayr Wellness launches new Secret Orchard brand products

Ayr Wellness launches new Secret Orchard brand products

The cannabis company is increasing its focus on consumer products

Ayr Wellness continues to announce different launches in an effort to satisfy the extensive consumer base under its portfolio. The leading vertically integrated US multi-state cannabis operator announced several successful milestones in its branded CPG portfolio. The new additions translate to an expansion for Secret Orchard, LEVIA, STiX Preroll Co., and Origyn Extracts.

Ayr is looking to make its footprint in Massachusetts more noticeable and, to do so, has unveiled its Secret Orchard fruit vaporizers. To kick off the launch, the brand has included five flavors: pineapple, watermelon, blue raspberry, mixed fruit, and strawberry.

Exclusive sales were held over the weekend through Ayr dispensaries that had early access to Secret Orchard. Now that the initial launch is completed, the company expects to begin sales in third-party retail stores.

Bay State residents can also look forward to the launch of LEVIA’s latest seasonal flavor, Mellow Mule, a product arriving just in time for spring. Arriving on dispensary shelves across the state these days, Mellow Mule is tasked with mimicking the desired effects of LEVIA’s “Celebrate” offering. This hybrid cannabis blend feels both uplifting and social. Its refreshing lime and ginger flavor has delighted the taste buds of many, so it’s sure to be a hit.

When it comes to Florida, a market where Ayr has an incredible expansion, the company is launching the STiX Preroll Co. brand. The launch will begin with its “Walking Stix” 1g pre-roll. This product will be available in Ayr’s 45 stores in the Sunshine State starting right now.

Finally, Ayr does not intend to forget about its consumers in Arizona, which is why it has decided to expand its offerings under its premium brand Origyn Extracts. A new line of concentrates is coming to stay. Starting Friday, the company will begin selling strain-specific live resins “Batter,” “Sugar” and “Sauce.”

“We will be introducing many more offerings to our markets over the coming months and look forward to offering more exciting customer choices in our dispensaries and across our wholesale channels,” says Jonathan Sandelman, founder, chairman and CEO of Ayr.


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