Ayr Wellness now has three stores in New Jersey operating under the ‘AYR’ brand

Ayr Wellness now has three stores in New Jersey operating under the ‘AYR’ brand

Ayr Wellness is rebranding some of its operations to strengthen its name

New Jersey has three retail stores owned by Ayr Wellness. Perhaps for many, this was unfamiliar information as the three dispensaries are known as Garden State Dispensary. However, the leading vertically integrated multi-state US cannabis operator has now announced that these three locations will begin operating under the AYR dispensary name. Definitely, many will begin to notice the relationship between the dispensaries and the large cannabis operator.

Ayr acquired Garden State Dispensary in September of last year. Since then, the company has made remarkable progress in the best of the key facets of the business. Many consumers have noticed a much-expanded menu and an overall shopping experience of a different level.

This year has been a key year for the company in the Garden State, especially after opening a full-scale cultivation showroom and launching adult-use sales at its three single-store locations. As if that wasn’t enough, the company also introduced its portfolio of national brands in wholesale and retail stores. Ayr has taken advantage of all this, not only to strengthen its name in New Jersey but across the country.

“Our team has worked to enhance all areas of the business – launching sales to adult-use consumers, expanding our access to high-quality flowers, improving our menus with the introduction of our national brand portfolio, and deepening our relationship with surrounding communities to further our Force for Good efforts,” said David Goubert, President of Ayr. Having made incredible strides in these key areas, Goubert says the team is focused on building one-on-one relationships with patients and customers under the Ayr name. He is confident that this new approach will serve to enhance the customer experience and overall success.