Ayr Wellness produces survey that shows the role of cannabis in the holidays

Ayr Wellness produces survey that shows the role of cannabis in the holidays

More people are going to include cannabis in the festivities, according to Ayr Wellness

The end of the year is approaching, and it is undoubtedly a good reason to celebrate. While some delight in succulent dishes, others dance or have the cocktail of their choice at a party with family and friends. Holidays have become a perfect excuse to celebrate, and according to a recent survey conducted by Ayr Wellness, cannabis continues to be one of the basic elements during these dates.

Together with a global market research platform, the leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator wanted to understand the importance of this plant for the holidays. To do so, it conducted an exclusive survey among marijuana consumers for Thanksgiving. The results show that participants would spend $100 or more on cannabis. At the same time, other large percentages would prefer marijuana-infused dishes and even leave alcohol aside and replace it with the plant.

Conducted last month, the nationally representative study surveyed more than 1,600 Americans about their marijuana consumption habits, purchasing patterns and holiday beliefs. While cannabis was once viewed as an extra luxury, many people now see it as a consumer staple to enhance the celebration of any activity.

Rising inflation has caused many Americans to think about budget-tightening vacations. However, that doesn’t seem to affect the spending evident on cannabis year after year. In fact, nearly a quarter of respondents indicated they would have no problem spending more on cannabis this year.

“Cannabis is increasingly becoming an integral part of Americans’ holiday celebrations, with the average consumer anticipating they’ll spend $100 or more on products to enjoy, gift or share with others,” said Jonathan Sandelman, founder and CEO of Ayr. “As stigmas continue to break down, we look forward to the day when cannabis will be as synonymous as pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.”