Ayr Wellness promotes David Goubert and Jonathan Sandelman

Ayr Wellness promotes David Goubert and Jonathan Sandelman

The cannabis MSO has a new CEO as it promotes Sandelman to chairman

Change within organizations is one of the most frequently occurring processes. Those who exercise a leadership role within the organization must have a high degree of adaptation to change, to positively impact their work environment and generate a natural process of adaptation among other collaborators. Ayr Wellness believes that both David Goubert and Jonathan Sandelman have the professionalism to adapt to their new roles and continue to provide the leadership to move the company forward.

The leading vertically integrated US multi-state cannabis operator recently announced that Sandelman will now become executive chairman of the board. His CEO position will now be taken over by Goubert, who currently serves as the firm’s president. The news was announced by Sandelman at a recent meeting.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this great company as CEO, and I know Ayr is in very capable hands with David’s leadership and the depth of experience of Ayr’s executive team, as well as the passion and commitment of the entire Ayr team across the country,” Sandelman said. The former CEO ended his remarks by thanking the team for their hard work and dedication thus far, which has enabled the company to build a solid foundation for the business and position it in a privileged position in the cannabis industry. He said he is optimistic that Ayr is well-positioned for its next phase of profitability and growth.

For his part, Goubert says he is honored to take this new step within the company. “We look forward to discussing our plans in more detail during the next quarterly earnings call in March.” Management made it clear that it will hold its fourth quarter and fiscal 2022 conference call on March 9 at 8:30 AM ET.

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