Ayr Wellness propels itself off Liberty Health Sciences success in Florida

Ayr Wellness propels itself off Liberty Health Sciences success in Florida

The cannabis company continues to add new strength after the Liberty Health acquisition

There is no doubt that Ayr Wellness is doing everything it can to prepare for a booming 2022, with plans to open cultivation facilities in many states to power a growing adult-use cannabis market. With over 20 million people living in the state of Florida, it is considered quite a lucrative market, and Ayr Wellness is well aware of that. Although recreational use is not a given yet, the medical cannabis market alone is phenomenal and Ayr’s Liberty Health Sciences acquisition continues to help push the company forward in Florida, as well as the rest of the country.

Although it is not a company that has been around for very long, Ayr Wellness has quickly proven itself to be a top competitor and now wants to continue to grow in the Sunshine State. The company recently announced the opening of its 37th dispensary in Florida under Liberty Health Sciences in Key West, a rather strategic location. The 1,500 sq. ft. dispensary is located in the heart of Key West, providing an ideal location for all those enthusiasts who happen to be nearby.

Flower lovers will be able to find a wide range in this dispensary, but not before leaving aside Big Pete’s Cookies and Origyn concentrates recently launched by the company. Jonathan Sandelman, CEO of Ayr, said, “We continue to execute our Florida plan, opening dispensaries in prime locations while continually improving our cultivation efforts to become the highest quality cultivator at scale in the state. Our updated product offerings, including a diversified strain selection and the launch of Origyn Extracts and Big Pete’s Cookies, have already contributed to an improved customer experience and the results are starting to show.”

Many pundits have begun to rank Ayr Wellness as a top number one multi-state operator (MSO), which is not at all surprising given the company’s recent boom. Because of the current strong growth, MSO management has said that by next year revenues could reach $725 million, yet DeCourcey says that figure is still a bit conservative.