Ayr Wellness receives final license to sell recreational cannabis products in Massachusetts

Ayr Wellness receives final license to sell recreational cannabis products in Massachusetts

The cannabis company can now get to work to expand its market share

Ayr Wellness wants to continue to expand its operating footprint in the US, and a recent approval is definitely helping to meet that goal. The leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator recently announced that it has received the go-ahead from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to receive a final license allowing it to sell adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts.

The company will now be able to begin selling recreational marijuana through its Ayr Back Bay dispensary in Boston. The commission met yesterday to discuss and vote on whether to grant the license. It appears that Ayr’s experience and track record made the decision not a difficult one to make.

Jonathan Sandelman, founder, president and CEO of Ayr, said the Boylston Street dispensary will be the first adult-use store in the area. One of the big advantages is that the Back Bay is known to be a heavily visited area of the city.

Located across the street from the Prudential Center, one of Boston’s premier shopping destinations that receives 60,000 visitors per day, the company believes it will be one of the busiest retail locations in the country. Nearby, there are a variety of destination restaurants and bars located within one of BeanCity’s premier residential communities.

“Ayr was built on the premise that business can aspire to be more than just a good neighbor. It can also be a platform to serve as a Force for Good in our local communities and the broader world,” added the CEO. “We are excited for the opportunity to be leaders investing in Back Bay and surrounding communities in Greater Boston. For those of you who have followed our journey, you know how excited we’ve been to take this step, and now we look forward to opening AYR Back Bay’s doors in June.”

Ayr is expected to continue to work closely with the commission in an effort to move forward with the approval of three additional licenses. It appears that the Bay State is one of the states where the firm has set its sights on doing business in the marijuana industry.