Ayr Wellness to launch 41st Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in Florida

Ayr Wellness to launch 41st Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in Florida

Liberty Health marijuana dispensaries continue to find new ground across the Sunshine State

Ayr Wellness Inc. continues to make tireless efforts to have a large participation in the state of Florida. A clear example of this is the recent announcement of its plans to open its 41st dispensary in the Sunshine State. Pensacola considered the largest metropolitan area in the region, with more than half a million inhabitants, will now witness how Ayr is increasing its exposure through the Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in West Pensacola.

With about 1,330 feet of space, the dispensary will be located at 2146 W.9 Mile Road. Best of all, consumers will have the option to find new varieties of flowers at the new store. The Liberty Health Sciences dispensary will also offer the recently launched Origyn concentrates, Secret Orchard vaporizer cartridges, and Big Pete’s cookies.

Jonathan Sandelman, Ayr’s CEO, said the company’s expansion into Florida has been primarily due to recent improvements at its Gainesville facility. Through the consumer experience, Ayr wants to be able to improve the quality of its products and thus be recognized as a company that delivers value. So far, Ayr has shown that it is taking steps to ensure that this goal is met.

Florida has proven to be a state where the medical marijuana market has seen tremendous growth. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use has reported over 612,000 registered cannabis patients, which is quite a substantial number. This report indicates that there has been a 47% increase in the customer base. Ayr wants to be ready to be able to meet that large demand that has been skyrocketing in recent months.

The cannabis market in Florida produces about $1 billion each year, making it the third-largest medical cannabis market in the US. That being the case, it has created a competitive environment for companies to take the lead, which is why Ayr spent $400 million in an all-stock deal earlier this year to acquire Liberty Health Sciences. Ayr is looking for all of these efforts to pay off in the future and is forecasting to generate about $4 million annually from its 40 dispensaries in Florida by the end of 2022.