Ayr Wellness to launch Kynd premium flower in Florida

Ayr Wellness to launch Kynd premium flower in Florida

The multi-state cannabis operator continues to expand its retail portfolio

Ayr Wellness’ portfolio continues to grow steadily. The multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) recently announced that its portfolio of available products has now expanded thanks to the arrival of its premium flower brand, Kynd. The new product will be available to consumers visiting Liberty Health Sciences dispensaries throughout the state of Florida.

Ayr currently has a total of 45 Liberty dispensaries, which means the reach of its various brands is quite extensive, especially in an increasingly hot Florida market. The initial launch includes six strain offerings: “Blueberry Headband,” “Extraterrestrial Bananas,” “True OG,” “Purple Trainwreck,” “Polyjuice #4,” and “Lemon Haze.”

“Kynd’s artisanal flower is meticulously crafted in small batches by highly-trained and passionate specialists, in order to deliver world-class strains that are pure, potent, and consistent,” said Jeff Finnerty, SVP of Marketing at Ayr Wellness. “Florida patients deserve high-quality whole flower experiences and will now have a variety of Kynd offerings to choose from.”

Jonathan Sandelman, founder president and CEO of Ayr, added that the launch is a clear indication of the company’s latest effort to bring its national energy brands to each of the markets where it is located. The CEO assures that this is a highly relevant step when it comes to the expansion of the company and its high-quality floral offerings in Florida. Ayr has been making similar moves over the past nine months, with the launches of Entourage, Origyn Extracts, Secret Orchard and Sun Gems being clear examples.

The new brand is also being sold in Nevada and Arizona, both in Ayr-owned and outside retail stores. Ayr intends to introduce Kynd in additional key markets as the year progresses. Florida’s medical marijuana market appears to be seeing solid growth, with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use reporting more than 707,933 registered patients as of the middle of this month.