Ayr Wellness to launch LIT brand in Massachusetts

Ayr Wellness to launch LIT brand in Massachusetts

The cannabis MSO is expanding its consumer options in the state

Massachusetts consumers will now be able to enjoy products from the award-winning cannabis brand LIT, owned by Ayr Wellness. The leading US multi-state marijuana operator recently announced the expansion of its branded product portfolio with the famous flower brand, LIT.

Nevada was the market where LIT was originally launched, produced by six-time Jack Herer Cup winners, Tahoe Hydroponics Company (Tahoe Hydro). Now, in Massachusetts, this portfolio will be available at wholesale and retail. It is expected that LIT will also be launched in other states as time goes on.

Ayr, through this great brand, seeks to bring the best of the west to the east coast, with highly innovative and honored genetics grown by one of the most respected marijuana breeders in the country. Through its extensive library of well-known and unique strains with nuanced flavors and aromas, LIT has made its way to the most demanding consumers. Products include Sour Cream, Mac Motor, and LIT’s flagship strains Bubble Bath, WAP 27, and Temptation.

“LIT flower is a testament to our commitment to taking the best ingredients – facilities, people, genetics – and cultivating excellent cannabis at scale throughout our organization,” said Jonathan Sandelman, founder and CEO of Ayr Wellness. “Our organization has more cultivation talent than ever, including the Tahoe Hydro team that joined forces with Ayr in February of this year, which has helped lift quality across our entire footprint, as well as introduce new offerings like LIT to delight our customers.”

Ray Schiavone, the co-founder of LIT and Tahoe Hydro, added that Ayr has always been committed to high-quality flowers as it operates some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art facilities in the country. This new launch comes on the heels of Ayr’s recent retail store openings in Greater Boston.