Canopy Growth-backed Martha Stewart launches new CBD wellness topicals

Canopy Growth-backed Martha Stewart launches new CBD wellness topicals

Martha Stewart continues to dive deeper into the cannabis wellness space

It seems that Martha Stewart does not want to enter a comfort zone with the cannabidiol (CBD) products she has launched so far, but rather seeks to expand her portfolio so that more people around the country continue to benefit from the great effects of this famous cannabis compound. That is why, yesterday, Martha Stewart CBD introduced Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals, marking the brand’s first category expansion in the growing market and presence it is beginning to gain.

The entrepreneur and lover of the CBD industry provides consumers with a more reliable, convenient and easier way to manage their needs throughout the day with CBD products, which include oils, gummies, softgels and the new CBD Wellness Topicals. This new product is coming to market to stay and aims to offer simple, easy-to-love solutions to be considered as part of Stewart’s great wellness portfolio.

Developed by a team of excellence under the Martha Stewart CBD brand, the topical line consists of Sleep Science CBD Cream designed for better sleep, Super Strength CBD Cream designed for muscle recovery and Daily De-Stress CBD Cream designed for stress management.

Each of these products comes with a special formula with high-quality CBD levels, aromatic technology and powerful coactives proven to serve each respective need. The idea is that their development is carefully balanced so that the results obtained are extremely optimal.

“I believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions, which is why I created this line of CBD Wellness Topicals with the Canopy Growth team,” says Stewart. “I am thrilled to help improve our customers’ daily lives through proven formulations that make wellness accessible and convenient, with offerings that address muscle discomfort, sleep deprivation, and stress.”

It is very likely that as the CBD market and Stewart’s brand continues to make wide inroads, her products and portfolio will continue to expand to reach levels and compete with established brands. Martha Stewart CBD is known for offering consumers simple solutions to improve everyday wellness, and many have already claimed to have found the perfect solution.