Canopy Growth-based Karma CBD water receives award for best new CBD beverage

Canopy Growth-based Karma CBD water receives award for best new CBD beverage

Karma is singled out during the 14th Annual BrandSpark Best New Product Awards

Canopy Growth seems to be doing quite well in different sectors related to cannabidiol (CBD). CBD-infused beverages seem to be attracting more and more attention and the company-based Karma CBD Water is taking top honors. During the 14th annual BrandSpark Best New Product Awards, Karma CBD Water was named the Best New CBD Drink of 2022. The annual survey had more than 11,000 people participate and choose the winners in Food & Beverage.

Karma CBD Water is considered the first CBD beverage to be launched under the Karma Water portfolio. It was developed after joining forces with Canopy Growth, a leading global cannabis company with many years of experience in the industry.

Its ingredients are based on Canopy Growth’s broad spectrum CBD distillate made from US hemp biomass. As many may know, the cannabinoid components of CBD premixed beverages deteriorate in water. However, Karma’s proprietary protective cap ensures that the proprietary blend of broad-spectrum CBD distillate, adaptogens and essential vitamins is delivered at its maximum potency.

There is no doubt that Karma CBD Water’s entry into the market is a clear indication of the power of collaboration between emerging companies. The main objective is to be able to provide value propositions for the consumer within the ecosystem in which the companies involved in the development of this product operate. Constellation Brands has invested in both Canopy Growth and Karma Water, and this has provided a great boost to projects such as these.

“As the newest offering created for Karma Water and in partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation, we are thrilled to have Karma CBD Water recognized as a leader in the CBD Beverage category,” says Karma’s President Jeff Platt. “With every bottle, we aim to deliver optimum wellness benefits using best-in-class CBD paired with our patented Push Cap technology to bring consumers an innovative new product offering in the CBD-infused beverage space.”