Canopy Growth begins rollout of CBD-infused beverages in the US

Canopy Growth begins rollout of CBD-infused beverages in the US

The cannabis company is looking to be a major fixture in the CBD drink market

Canopy Growth is finally ready to take full advantage of its backing by Constellation Brands. The company announced yesterday that it now ready to start introducing cannabis drinks to the US market, starting with Quatreau, a line of sparkling water infused with cannabidiol (CBD). The company launched US sales through its online US platform yesterday.

Constellation invested in Canopy a couple of years ago, taking a 40% stake in the company. Since then, the two have been working at bringing cannabis-infused drinks to the US market, riding on the back of the beer, wine and spirits producer’s success in the country. They have now brought the dream to the forefront, making Quatreau, Canopy Growth’s Canada-based cannabis beverage brand, available to US consumers.

Canopy CEO David Klein said in an interview with CNBC yesterday, “These are guys that are out on the street … think everywhere that you see Corona or Modelo. They have the ability to bring our BioSteel brand [to market]. You’ll see us try to really tap into that more and more over time with our Quatreau CBD drinks, and ultimately our THC-branded drinks when we can get them into the U.S.”

Quatreau beverages are available in four flavors, cucumber with mint, passion fruit with guava, ginger with lime and, lastly, blueberry with acai. They are sold in packs of 12, with each bottle containing 20 milligrams of hemp-based CBD that was cultivated in the US. The launch marks a milestone for the company and brings the top-selling CBD beverage line in Canada to the US.

Klein added, “It kind of illustrates our playbook where we want to use insights gathered across North America. We then use our innovation … to develop amazing products, we test them out in Canada for a bit of a test-and-learn process, and then we bring them to the U.S. with the help of Constellation’s distribution as soon as we can.”

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