Canopy Growth brand Tokyo Smoke makes it easy to navigate the cannabis space

Canopy Growth brand Tokyo Smoke makes it easy to navigate the cannabis space

The cannabis company provides a wealth of knowledge to understand product purchases

As the years have passed, the subject of marijuana has become more commonplace, especially with legalization in different parts of the world and the US, not to mention the great benefits researchers have been able to find in the plant and its compounds, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, even the most knowledgeable consumers can get lost when trying to navigate the convoluted cannabis landscape. It is for this reason that Canopy Growth brand Tokyo Smoke set out to develop a different way of looking at cannabis through a language that will help consumers get a better idea when it comes to the variety of products out there, the chemistry that differentiates them, and which ones work best depending on your common activities.

Many people can be considered lovers of marijuana and its effects, but this does not mean that they really know everything about the plant and what surrounds it. Tokyo Smoke created an “Intent System,” which is composed of five unique categories, Go, Rise, Equalize, Ease and Pause. The main objective of this system is to make it clear to people what they intend to do with their cannabis experience.

In “Go,” you will find the Sativa dominant strains. These usually have higher doses of THC and lower doses of CBD. With “Rise” the company refers to its hybrid products, which contain slightly lower levels of THC, especially to reach the point between mind and body. Through the hybrid products “Equalize,” the company offers relatively balanced levels of THC and CBD. These are calamity-related and are perfect for consumers who haven’t experienced a high in a while.

If you’re looking for CBD dominance, that’s what the “Ease” strains are for. This means the overall effect can be both physical and mental, as CBD has no psychoactive effects, and can serve as a buffer against the effects of THC. And finally, there are the “Pause” products. The products in this category with high THC and low CBD levels are specifically designed to find a point of relaxation of another level.

The company designed its Intent System to put the consumer in control of their individual experience and help them navigate their cannabis products with the optimal result in mind.

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