Canopy Growth continues to redefine cannabis innovation

Canopy Growth continues to redefine cannabis innovation

The cannabis company is helping shape the future of the global industry

Canopy Growth has become a common name in the cannabis industry due. This is due primarily to its commitment to developing a mature and responsible market. It’s also because of its innovative approach to cannabis formulations that help consumers unwind and connect. As a result, it is helping shape the future of the global cannabis market.

Canopy Growth uses an in-house innovation team that is focused on plant science, genetics and breeding, device innovation, and other aspects to create cannabis products that we are familiar with. These include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) vapes, infused beverages and stress-relieving skincare. It uses its cutting-edge analytics and data to understand our customers better than anyone and create experiences that will make a real difference in their lives.

Combining scientific research with consumer data, Canopy Growth creates innovative products that target consumers’ needs. Sometimes they might not even know what they want. Its medical division, Spectrum Therapeutics, advances a variety of research initiatives that aim to unlock the full potential of cannabis.

We don’t have transition time anymore,” explains Canopy Growth Chief Innovation Officer Julian Cohen. “Not long ago, our days were broken up by leaving the home or commuting, and we now have a two-minute commute downstairs where on a call with our boss our dog shows up. We are moving way too fast between mood states, and we need help with that. Cannabis can help.”

Canopy Growth conducted research on the long-term effects of CBD (cannabidiol). They also explored the possibility of cannabinoids being used to replace other less-desirable drugs in long-term care. The company also examined the role that cannabis could play in helping patients with opioid addiction stay on track. Spectrum Therapeutics performed the crucial work of determining the appropriate doses and assessing the safety and tolerability of cannabinoids in dogs and cats.



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