Canopy Growth decides to temporarily close stores over coronavirus concerns

Canopy Growth decides to temporarily close stores over coronavirus concerns

Tweed and Tokyo Smoke shops are going to take a break, but online service will continue

The US is at risk of not being able to contain the coronavirus from spreading if stricter measures are not taken. Besides authorities from some states shutting down operations for nonessential businesses, some other companies are choosing to do so voluntarily. One of the leaders in the Canadian cannabis industry, Canopy Growth Corp., announced yesterday that all corporate-owned Tokyo Smoke and Tweed stores for retail sales located in Canada will be closed temporarily in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This doesn’t mean customer can’t purchase their products, as they will continue to provide online sales service.

A total of 23 stores located in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are affected by this decision, as well as the Tweed Visitor Centre located in Canopy Growth’s main location, Smiths Falls, Ontario. The stories closed for business yesterday at 5 PM, and Canopy Growth stated in its announcement that it has been following and monitoring closing the development of the coronavirus outbreak, always listening to recommendations given by public health authorities around the world. “We have a responsibility to our employees, their families, and our communities to do our part to “flatten the curve” by limiting social interactions. For us, that means shifting our focus from retail to e-commerce,” said David Klein, CEO of Canopy Growth Inc..

As per the online service, new e-commerce platforms have been established in full, so both recreational and medical cannabis customers who are searching for products can have them available across the country. Medical marijuana patients, however, can continue purchasing products through Spectrum Therapeutics. Canopy Growth’s both Tweed and Tokyo Smoke e-commerce platforms will be available only for residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, residents of other provinces will have access to a government-supported online retail store. Since Klein took the CEO spot, the company has been going through hard changes, including 500 people losing their jobs and facilities being shut down, to bring relief to the costly operations the company was running.

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