Canopy Growth expands its portfolio of premium flower products

Canopy Growth expands its portfolio of premium flower products

The cannabis company continues to add new and appealing consumer options

The world’s leading diversified cannabis, hemp and cannabis device company, Canopy Growth, has shared last week the introduction of a great new line of premium flower offerings in its 7ACRES, 7ACRES Craft Collective, and DOJA brands, in addition to a range of handcrafted strains that will be available on a limited basis in the market. The introduction of these coveted strains comes in response to a consumer trend that has seen demand in the Canadian flower market grow astronomically, in addition to meeting the company’s goal of constantly satisfying the different preferences of today’s consumers.

The successful 7ACRES portfolio now introduces two new national strains, 7ACRES Wappa 49 and 7ACRES Papaya. Both are grown in the Company’s state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse growing facility in Kincardine, Ontario. The 7ACRES Craft Collective brand is no slouch either, as it announced that it continues to bring new craft offerings to market, including the recently launched 7ACRES Craft Collective Jet Fuel Cookies. This is considered a limited edition variety that is recognized for its sweet aroma grown in British Columbia. It will be available in Prince Edward Island, and Ontario while supplies last.

And finally, there is the DOJA lineup. DOJA 91K and DOJA Sour Kush, two new domestic strains, are now available under the DOJA brand. The new indica-dominant strains take great advantage of DOJA’s British Columbia cultivation techniques of air drying and hand finishing the flower, which guarantees any consumer high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels without compromising the aroma and flavor profile of the plant.

“The strong performance of our premium flower strains DOJA Okanagan Grown Ultra Sour and 7ACRES Jack Haze have helped Canopy build on its #1 market share in Canadian premium dried flower, with twice the market share of our leading competitor last quarter,” Kelly Olsen, VP, Global Flower Business, said. “We are committed to providing the Canadian consumer with a wide range of flower products and the launch of these ten new flower offerings delivers the premium credentials they’re looking for.”