Canopy Growth expands portfolio of cannabis beverages

Canopy Growth expands portfolio of cannabis beverages

The international cannabis company sees a bright future for the beverage segment

The world’s leading diversified cannabis company, Canopy Growth Corporation, continues to expand its product portfolio, primarily in the beverage sector. It recently unveiled the introduction of Canada’s first naturally caffeinated marijuana beverage to the market under the Deep Space brand. For those looking to enjoy the spring by tasting their taste buds, four new flavors will also be available under the Tweed brand.

Dave Paterson, President, Canada, Canopy Growth, said the introduction of Deep Space Propulsion comes to delight consumers with a naturally caffeinated marijuana beverage of natural origin. At the same time, he said Tweed is ready with new flavors to tantalize the taste buds for those preparing to enjoy that extra hour of sunshine.

“We are proud to bring new and innovative products to life through the Deep Space and Tweed brands, which offer innovative experiences that exceed consumer expectations,” added Paterson. The new beverage claims to provide that extra boost of energy through two new cannabis beverages, the first in the Canadian market to combine cannabis and caffeine in one drink.

Deep Space is launching two presentations, each with 10 mg of THC, 30 mg of natural caffeine and 10 mg of CBG. Both Deep Space Propulsion Cosmic Cherry Lime and Deep Space Propulsion Pulsar Peach take marijuana beverages to the next level. Deep Space Propulsion Cosmic Cherry Lime adds a spicy lime hit in a bold cherry soda, while Deep Space Propulsion Pulsar Peach gives drinkers a peachy soda with vibrant notes of honeydew melon and cantaloupe.

The 355ml beverages are an ideal blend of vivid natural flavors. Their consumption is perfect for those looking to stay connected and enjoy the longer days of spring with a more energetic and productive vibe.

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