Canopy Growth introduces new pre-roll options for cannabis consumers

Canopy Growth introduces new pre-roll options for cannabis consumers

The global cannabis company continues to extend its reach with new products

One of the great advantages for cannabis consumers is that they will never stop receiving new products to continue delighting their tastes. Canopy Growth Corporation, the leading diversified cannabis, hemp and cannabis device company, has always been in charge of delighting its consumers and that is why it announced yesterday the launch of Ace Valley Pinners and Tweed Quickies.

These products come to further showcase the continued growth of Canopy Growth’s pre-roll product portfolio and are based on consumer preference expressed in recent times. The launch of this product comes at a perfect time for the summer. People will now have something to accompany their social activities and enjoy a perfect group cannabis environment.

Through a recent study, Canopy Growth found that traditional 0.5-gram joints are too large for many consumers to enjoy in one sitting and take a long time to fully consume. Based on this knowledge, Canopy Growth decided to get to work and develop its first two product lines, Ace Valley Pinners in 0.3 grams and Tweed Quickies in 0.35 grams. According to research results, this is precisely the optimal size for a faster session that can be enjoyed alone or in company.”

“Knowing that people may not want to ‘puff, puff, pass’ again, these smaller pre-rolls designed for individual consumption will allow consumers to enjoy a pre-roll alone or in a group,” said Kelly Olsen, Vice President of Global Flower Business at Canopy Growth. She added, “We are evolving the meaning of what it means to share a joint, the perfect format for social occasions, and taking another step in our mission to deliver flower products based on consumer insights, purchases, and behaviors.”

Canopy Growth expects this launch to be widely accepted and has announced that it is likely to have more products ready to go to market in the coming months, making the range of options for consumers even wider.

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