Canopy Growth ready to open another Tokyo Smoke store in Canada

Canopy Growth ready to open another Tokyo Smoke store in Canada

The leading cannabis company is only waiting on final approval to open a new dispensary

After Canada legalized cannabis, the industry has been experiencing some roadblocks to grow as it could, starting with the number of stores opened. Fortunately, the situation is changing gradually, and more companies are getting permits to open new dispensaries. Canopy Growth Inc. is one of these and is getting ready to open another Tokyo Smoke cannabis store in Ontario next Monday. Besides the products and artifacts available for purchase the store is seeking to provide its customer a full educational experience, according to Melissa Gallagher, director of franchising.

“We’ll have a wide array of softgels, oils, edibles, vapes, and dried flower products,” Gallagher said. “Along with a really great variety of accessories that will provide guests the full range of options to select their own preferred method of consuming cannabis safely and responsibly.”

Even though Canopy Growth Inc wants to open the store in just a few days, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) still has to perform one last inspection before it can be officially ready to accept customers. According to Gallagher, the company is “very confident” that everything will be fine with the inspection, and the store will pass tomorrow with no issues.

To be able to open the first Tokyo Store in Thunder Bay, Canopy Growth partnered up with licensees Rick Bohonis and Michael Rodenburgh. This 3,400-square-foot will employ 25 people and, unless something goes wrong with the inspection, it should operate 9 AM to 10:30 PM, seven days a week. Back in January, Canopy Growth announced that it would be opening at least ten Tokyo Smoke stores in the Ontario province, and this new store is part of those ten. Canopy Growth was fast on acting after the Ontario government removed the cap it had established for having dispensaries last December.

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