Canopy Growth shows off its 7Acres premium flower production

Canopy Growth shows off its 7Acres premium flower production

The cannabis company launches its own content series

Many consumers who want to get their marijuana product simply need to go to the nearest dispensary and pay for it. However, perhaps not many know what process went into getting that product on the shelf. Leading cannabis company, Canopy Growth, wants to give Canadians an inside look at what goes into developing their different brands and flower portfolio. To that end, it is introducing its 7ACRES content series, Know the Grow.

The idea is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the talent, genetics, and cultivation techniques that go into the development of the products. The series of ten videos have been divided into three sections, 7ACRES Kincardine Facility, Growing Techniques, and 7ACRES Craft Collective + Future Vision.

Each episode dives into a different element of production so that there is a wide variety of content. The series has been live for two months now and releases a new episode each week via the blog, The Stash, as well as on the 7ACRES Instagram channel, @7acresmj.

With 4/20 approaching, the company will take the opportunity to celebrate in a big way by releasing the tenth and final episode on that day.

“We’re a brand grown by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and we’re excited to share our recipe for premium flower production with the industry, from the whole plant hang drying and hand polishing flower to thoughtfully selecting each genetic through intensive phenotypes to ensure consumers are receiving the best expression of each cultivar,” said Melanie Carruthers, Master Grower, 7ACRES.

As time has gone on, the Canadian premium flower market has expanded even further, accounting for nearly 25% of all recreational flower sales in Canada in FY22. 7ACRES and its team want to give consumers a chance to understand how production can influence all of this growth. In addition, the brand has announced the launch of several new strains in the coming months, which makes the news even better.