Canopy Growth subsidiary launches new cannabis vaporizer

Canopy Growth subsidiary launches new cannabis vaporizer

STORZ & BICKEL is offering a limited edition of its popular VOLCANO product

Canopy Growth Corporation subsidiary STORZ & BICKEL has recently introduced a limited-edition version of its flagship VOLCANO CLASSIC device: the PEACE VOLCANO. The world’s leading manufacturer of high-end, medically certified cannabis vaporizers undoubtedly wants to continue to surprise its customer base.

Based on the same state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled design as the original Volcano Classic, the new device features a limited-edition cosmetic alteration. With its fresh, renewed white exterior, the Peace Volcano symbolizes harmony and peace, while adding an elegant engraving that echoes the brand’s new campaign slogan, “with love, for peace.”

The company has made it clear that only 1,000 units will be manufactured, with each device engraved with its corresponding number. As part of its campaign, the firm says it will donate approximately $100 per unit produced, which translates to about $100,000 for charitable organizations.

Various organizations whose focus is on humanitarian aid in Ukraine will be the main recipients of these funds. It is an obvious move that the company has a strong commitment to supporting women, children and those most affected by the war. The Volcano Peace is already on sale while stocks last, with a value of $479.

“The VOLCANO CLASSIC is an industry icon beloved by consumers, and with the debut of the PEACE VOLCANO, we hope to raise awareness for values around solidarity, respect and love during a time it feels more important than ever,” said Jürgen Bickel, founder and managing director, STORZ & BICKEL. “The limited-edition PEACE VOLCANO is the symbol of our “with Love for Peace” campaign, and we hope it will serve as a source of mindfulness, tranquility, peace, and love as we work together to end injustices and discrimination in all their forms against vulnerable groups.”