Canopy Growth subsidiary STORZ & BICKELL introduces new cannabis line

Canopy Growth subsidiary STORZ & BICKELL introduces new cannabis line

Canopy Growth’s global footprint continues to grow stronger with new products

A subsidiary of the world’s leading diversified cannabis company Canopy Growth Corporation, STORZ & BICKEL, announced yesterday the release of three new updates to the world of vaporizers. The limited-edition VOLCANO ONYX, the enhanced CRAFTY+ and the first-ever MIGHTY+ will now become part of the company’s portfolio. All three lines were developed and designed with the most innovative technology possible and are clear examples of the company’s continued leadership in the high-potential vaporizer industry.

The experience of more than two decades has made STORZ & BICKEL a prestigious developer of vaporizer models worldwide. Lately, the trend of getting one has become very popular among consumers. This has led the company to constantly refine the gold standard of consumer safety and best-in-class performance.

“We’re raising the bar for the industry once again with an innovative approach to an iconic lineup, featuring the entirely new VOLCANO model alongside upgrades to the most sought-after handheld vaporizers to deliver what connoisseurs and collectors value most: an unmatched vaporization experience,” said Jürgen Bickel, founder and managing director of STORZ & BICKEL.

This long-awaited lineup features updates that are unlikely to be found in competitors’ specifications. For example, STORZ & BICKEL’s iconic VOLCANO CLASSIC and VOLCANO HYBRID desktops now come with a sleek matte black exterior, with dust-resistant finishes for maximum longevity. On the other hand, the upgraded CRAFTY+ model features a USB-C plug that speeds up charging time to as little as 25 minutes and a ceramic-coated filling chamber, making it more resistant to damage. And last but not least, the MIGHTY + vaporizer also features the same supercharging port, and a Superbooster temperature preset and a quick 60-second warm-up time.

There is no doubt that as the holiday season approaches, these products will be an excellent choice to surprise friends and family cannabis lovers.

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