Canopy Growth’s Ace Valley brand adds new options to the consumer market

Canopy Growth’s Ace Valley brand adds new options to the consumer market

Canopy Growth umbrella of cannabis companies continues to improve the market

Canopy Growth and its different brands continue to excel in an extraordinary way in the cannabis industry, bringing more and more products to consumers so they can enjoy the different benefits that this plant has to offer. A clear example of all this mission is translated through Ace Valley, a brand that has come to expand its product portfolio. With the intention of being able to be added to daily routines, the brand has decided to launch innovative hard candies infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and balanced drinks infused with CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Canopy Growth has always been known for being a diversified cannabis company and this new launch through its Ace Valley brand is a clear example of why. This growing brand has announced the extension of its portfolio, launching two new hard candy and health drink formats to the market.

Being the first beverage offerings under the brand, Moonwave and Daylight are ready-to-drink CBD- and THC-infused beverages. They are intended to be an important part of consumers’ lives every time the day begins and ends. On the other hand, the recently launched Citrus Ginger Super CBD hard candies are the brand’s first 20 mg CBD-infused hard candy product.

Both drinks deliver a burst of uplifting citrus flavor with a hint of ginseng, offering 2.5 mg THC and five mg CBD, making them the ideal way to get out of bed and start the day off right. With natural, bold, and carefully crafted flavors, these ready-to-drink beverages will be available in convenient 222 ml cans.

It’s no secret that the market for CBD-infused edibles is making a big splash in the Canadian market. Because this demand is on an upward trend, Ace Valley introduces its first CBD-infused hard candy. Citrus Ginger Super CBD hard candies feature a unique blend of unsweetened citrus flavor with a slight hint of ginger. All come in packs of ten and offer an on-the-go, easy-to-use format for CBD consumption.


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