Canopy Growth’s BioSteel has a new ambassador in Connor Bedard

Canopy Growth’s BioSteel has a new ambassador in Connor Bedard

The hockey player is expected to be the top choice in the 2023 NHL Draft

#TeamBioSteel is increasingly supplementing with ambassadors in an effort to make the Canopy Growth brand continue to have greater recognition. BioSteel Sports Nutrition has opted to tap well-known figures to join its roster, with Connor Bedard, a rising elite field hockey star and top prospect for the 2023 NHL Draft, being the latest major addition. The brand’s strategic move will take its name to the next level.

Through the new agreement, Bedard aims to promote BioSteel through social media, events, trade marketing and other methods. The athlete is a firm believer that his daily hydration routine can be optimized through the brand’s line of sugar-free sports drinks. Bedard now joins Connor McDavid, another field hockey star who is also part of #TeamBioSteel. Both can be seen on various campaigns supporting BioSteel products.

With this latest signing, the renowned brand is a clear indicator of its commitment to supporting the ongoing hydration needs of the next generation of athletes and the vital role of this practice in achieving peak performance on the field, in this case, the ice. Bedard has a very high reputation in this sport’s community, so the BioSteel target has a clear path.

“As I continue to work to take my game to the next level, I know I have to be smart about what I put into my body, and maintaining a solid hydration routine is a key priority for me,” said Bedard. “Ever since I was introduced to it, I’ve loved the BioSteel product. Like many younger field hockey players, I have been a big admirer of the BioSteel Camp and followed along each summer. I’m humbled to now be an official member of the team, and I couldn’t be more excited to participate in Camp this year and take the ice with their support.”