Canopy Growth’s BioSteel lands new partnership

Canopy Growth’s BioSteel lands new partnership

The beverage company continues to expand its presence, giving Canopy Growth more reach

The enormous confidence that many sports companies have in Canopy Growth’s brand, BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc., is gigantic. Since its creation, the brand has done nothing but form important alliances to give itself a space in sports, hiring recognized ambassadors to promote its different products. Now, global fitness franchisor F45 Training Holdings and BioSteel have announced a new partnership, naming the Canopy Growth subsidiary as the exclusive hydration partner for F45 fitness studios worldwide.

BioSteel will use this new partnership to introduce its Clean. Healthy. Hydration.™ products to all F45 members directly in the studio. Without a doubt, the people involved will be able to have an improved hydration routine without sugar, leading them to get the most out of their workout.

The BioSteel brand and all of its hydrating and varied sports beverages will be featured at all F45 special events and studios. This means that the brand will mark a new footprint at the grand openings of new studios, F45 Track events, and even F45’s social and digital channels.

Thanks to the new partnership, F45 members will have the opportunity to purchase and sample a wide range of BioSteel sports drinks in the studio. At the same time, coaches will continue to promote the importance of hydration during sports activities.

“Partnering with F45 allows us to introduce our brand and Clean. Healthy. Hydration.™ to health-conscious consumers who want to take their fitness to the next level,” said John Celenza, co-founder of BioSteel. “Hydration can make you feel better in all aspects of your life, just like the F45 workouts, and we look forward to supporting F45 members with our sports drinks before, during, and after their time in the gym.”

Brian Killingsworth, F45’s marketing director, says BioSteel perfectly complements the company’s purpose by providing the most reliable sports hydration products for professional athletes. This makes Killingsworth and his team extremely excited for F45 Studios to introduce BioSteel products to the F45 membership community.


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